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From Jeff Trimble

Here at Trmbl Media we get our name because of my personal story and respect of what my family has done for me! My family is the most important thing in my life and each of the individuals that reaches out to us here at Trmbl Media become apart of this family! We are a family and friends business founded by just that.

For years I was doing Freelance work for individuals and small businesses! I was getting raving reviews and countless recommendations for new clients. All that time I was just doing what I do now as a hobby, practicing my craft for fun and to help the world around me get results… Until I met Alex, (Co-Founder) we spent months talking about a rebrand and creating something that could help the world better succeed online, rather than just a few individuals… That brings us to the creation of Trmbl Media! Years have gone by and yet to this day I still love what I do… but, what I love most is the smile on my new family faces when I deliver the final project… So are you ready to to join the #TrmblMedia Family like so many others?

From Alex

Over the last ten years I’ve been working through various fields, but with each opportunity revolving around people and relationships. In that time it became clear that through my life and business it is very important for me to provide direct value to others in what I do, and to build a network of relationships that align with my goals. When I started diving into the world of digital marketing two years ago I quickly tried to surround myself with people that had a similar mindset, and had the same perspective on the business world. Through meeting Jeff we both quickly recognized we have complimentary skill sets, and a match on our morals and values in the business we wanted to create. Today, we stand proud to introduce Trmbl Media to you and offer you our best foot forward in taking your business to the next level. We are the home of a project done right, and in order to do that it means making our clients happy. I look forward to working with you!

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