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One thing most Instagram Profiles are doing WRONG!

One thing most Instagram Profiles are doing WRONG!

Instagram for business and branding!

Instagram is a huge place to collect a highly engaged and loyal following, they have 600 Million+ active users each and every month. This is so many fish to try and get into your net! So why are so many entrepreneurs failing to close and make sales on Instagram?

The problem is people are not putting out enough value. Most pages are just being lazy posting photos with only quotes stolen from another page expecting their page to grow and commissions to jump into their wallets. Well, It doesn’t work like this anymore… There are a million quotes pages out there just like yours so you need to find a way to get yourself some of the market share and hold on to it! This is done by thinking outside the box and building relationships with your followers. Interact with them, learn who they are, what their likes are and what is important to them. Once you know your network bring them value. More than just the quotes, start by helping them succeed in whatever their venture is! Eventually, you will have put enough gold into your network where you can start monetizing off them. Do not rush monetization!

Ideas on how to build value!

Idea 1) Reach out to every one of your followers individually !! Send them a Direct Message trying to spark a conversation with them. You are reaching out to them as a friend looking to learn more about them. Each and every one of your followers should know you care about them by the time you are done having a conversation with them. DO NOT try to sell them anything while building this relationship the time will come later on down the line once they believe in who you are!

If you are like me and have 10’s of thousands of followers thinking this is going to take forever to send them all a message. Don’t worry you do not have to go to each and every profile and send them a message one by one to start. Check out Holr, they are an automation company. This is something you can use to send the first message. Use this website with care.. I highly recommend you email me if you have any questions BEFORE YOU GET STARTED. [email protected]

Pro Tip: Always use the paid version of this website. If you do not then they put their signature on the bottom of every message and that looks super trashy and nobody wants that!! Period….

Pro Tip: Always spin your first message to your followers. This will keep you from being blocked!

Pro Tip: Make your first message something genetic that would apply to everybody. “Hey (their username), I am reaching out to all of my followers to say hey and thank them for always engaging with my posts! I would love to know more about yourself, what keeps you busy?

Pro Tip: DO NOT keep this bot running for too long. It will send thousands of messages that you just can not keep up with all by yourself. It is not easy to have a conversation with 10k people at once. Trust me I would know…..

Idea 2) Find pages that have the types of followers you are targeting then interact with the followers as well as the people engaging with their content. Seek to give value to these people help them with whatever you can. Start to engage in personal conversations and topics that you are knowledgeable about. You will begin to stand out as an expert when others see your conversations and loads of people will follow you… This builds also relationships, people begin to look up to you and will start to engage with your content because it’s yours and they love your brand… See where I am going with this yet? Build a personal network of people and show you care about them. They will be your long term customers and followers.

Idea 3) Create other content outside of Instagram. Pick a topic that is relevant to your content on IG that you are knowledgeable about and create Blogs or Vlogs that will bring value to your network. Are you a flower page? Make videos talking about different types of flowers teaching all about them. A fishing page? Videos of lures that work amazing for you! Marketer? Free tips that helped you blow up your business!

The Power of Why!

The Power of Why!

What is it that drives you?

The power in this world goes to the ones with a vision and “Why Power”. So many people want a purpose in life but do not know how to create one for themselves. The ones without will gravitate to the ones with this vision. Neither one of these people is better than the other. In fact, without one the other would surly fail.

The power of the vision!

Most people lack this vision, this path of purpose. There have been quite a few of them in our lifetime. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Donald Trump and many others. What do all these men have in common besides being billionaires? They all had the burning desire to win and dominate. They all had a vision that they could convey to the world in a way that others could help them build these empires. The really magical thing though about these men is that each one pushed through hardship when they were kicked to the curb, their willpower to just keep pushing forward when all seemed lost. What is the secret sauce? For each person, it is something different but all the same. It is their why-power. Why the wake up every morning. Why they want to win over everything else. This above all else is what people lack…

What is Why Power?

Think about the worst day of your life. I know, not a very positive thing to start out with. Think about it though, it sucked. I know, that’s why it’s the worst. What was the reason you kept pushing forward from that day? Why didn’t you just stop it all there? The reason you did not quit that day is your “Why Power.” Everybody has this power within them. Most just forget about it until shit hits the fan and then they have no other option but to fight or quit. This is what separates massively successful people from the crowd, they always start out their day by reminding themselves of “Why” they began in the first place!  They use it as fuel to strive even harder!

Harnessing your Why Power! 

Each and every day is a new opportunity. A new mission and a new set of chances. Today is the day that is going to define the rest of your future. I spend these hours pushing to create my reality by reminding myself several times why I began in the first place, I think about the reasons why I will be winning today! This is the key ingredient because if you don’t know where you’re going or why then how will you ever get there? `I challenge you to find your “Why Power” then use it to create a better tomorrow!

The Other side of “Why”

“Why power” is so much than the force that keeps you pushing forward. It is the exact thing that is going to attract others to you and your cause. This world is built by people and as businesses get bigger they start to loose the personable aspect to them.  Look what just happened not too long ago on one of America’s biggest airlines… Where I am going with this is, in the business world people will buy why you do something more often than just what you do. Never loose the humanity in what you do. Tell the world your “Why Power” then naturally others will gravitate to you and your vision.

Check Out this Awesome Ted Talk on Why Power!

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