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Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger Bots Boost Business

We all know social media has proven to be a game-changer for marketing as we know it… but just how are Messenger bots making their mark? It’s simple really. Bots automate many of the basic aspects of your business, Reputation management, producing leads and even gaining followers.  If you haven’t built bots into your Facebook page yet, well, I’ll be honest, you’re falling behind, but it’s not too late! Whether you’re totally new to bots or eager to learn more, check out these 4 ways bots boost business.

1) Bots Create Community

The goal of social is to create community. This means more likes more comments and more shares on your post. The reason for this is because people are more emotionally attached to your brand. When you have a conversation with a person or you start to learn more about the company naturally you begin to build an emotional attachment to them correct? Statistics say, you are 90{63c304c2309b08f3b9066da338dabf53897a4baf96b2098e71121fde8bcc9301} more likely to interact with a post or a piece of content if you know and trust the person that is producing the content! So, let us build you a system that is designed around getting your prospects and clients fall in love with you!

2) Bots Increase Lifetime Value of Clients

Businesses spend thousands each and every year to gain a new customer! The funny thing is that most of the time businesses completely forget about the customers that have already visited! Everybody knows that once you have conducted business with somebody in some way chances go through the roof of having a repeat customer! It is much easier to get somebody back than to bring in somebody new!

Messenger bots again to save the day! We implement a system that will be similar to a newsletter or an email marketing campaign through Facebook! Why through Facebook you ask? The answer is simple… Do you ever open those advertisement emails? How often do you open a Facebook message? The simple fact is more people will see and READ your message if it comes through on Facebook! We will keep your customers happy, feeling like family and coming back with their friends!


3) Bots Bring Bucks

Facebook isn’t just all fun and games, it is for business too! If you sell something it can be sold on Facebook! Bots can be programmed to drip content to your visitors over a period of time depending on their actions! This means if one of your clients purchases something from you your bot will know and start a campaign to upsell them into other items and services that would complement their first purchase! So, let us stretch your marketing dollars!

4) Bots Benefit Your Rep

An online reputation can make or break a business. If one bad review comes through it could hurt your whole operation! You could lose potential business because of it! What if I told you that you could program your messenger bot to ask your happy clients to leave a review on your preferred review sites while redirecting the unsatisfied to calling a manager to ensure the problem gets handled! Almost sounds to good to be true, right? Well It’s not… We do this for all our customers! We know the value of an online reputation. We are an ONLINE marketing company after all 😉

At this point many people start to think all sounds great but will it work for my business?? The answer is yes. It works great for every business but even better at businesses like coffee shops or restaurants where there is a lot of foot traffic!

So basically, if you’re looking to pick up new clients, increase client longevity, make serious money, and maintain a good rep (because who isn’t?) bots are the way to go.

Do you use messenger bots for your business? Which type of bots have been most beneficial for you? Share your thoughts and knowledge in the comments below! Oh almost forgot… If this is something you want to implement into your business we offer a free consultation!!! BOOK yours now!