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Email Marketing

There are 74 trillion emails sent per year, 205 billion per day, 2.4 million a second and 25% of them get opened! That means 600,000 emails are opened every single second – and it means that 1.8 million emails are NOT opened. Let us help you craft the emails people actually look forward to opening!

What We Offer

Email Automation

Email automation means your subscribers get a message from you as soon as they subscribe. You have the opportunity to introduce yourself, your business, and why you are uniquely set up to help them. And it’s all automatic!

Email Series

One of the keys to engaging, effective email marketing is email series that take readers through a journey. That journey shows them the benefits of your business and encourages them to pull out their wallet. A well-designed email series will generate results and sales without annoying your readers.

Subscriber Tagging

Tagging subscribers is one of the best ways to send targeted offers directly to them. We can track who is interested in what, and then send them special offers.

List Segmenting

There is no point in keeping unengaged subscribers on your email list. We have a system that will separate your SUPER fans from the non-engagers!

Sales Systems

Email marketing should be bringing you in some sales. Sending out tailored offers to your subscribers should increase sales.
Are you looking to make more sales? Email is one of the best ways to do this! We can custom tailor offers to different parts of your email list!

The system works for you

Email marketing should be a system that doesn’t require much maintenance. We can set up a system where your subscribers are segmented based upon their personal interests. This will help you generate more sales because you can send them offers tailored to them. Our email automation system is the most powerful email marketing system on the market!

What People Are Saying

“Jeff is ambitious, hard working, and completes tasks well before deadlines. I highly recommend his services.”

Christopher Merrett, Meritorious Consulting

“I have been working with Jeff for a number of years and am constantly referring him to my family, friend’s, work connections and I will continue to do so! ”

Franki Mannion, Franki Jean Investments

“Jeff does great work, he also seems to strive on what he does, and in helping people. Very respectful individual.”

Andrew Creech ,Brat Cat’s Stash


Commonly asked questions

What is the investment?

The initial investment in email marketing is $3,000 to $7,000, depending on your subscriber list size, goals, and current promotions. We will create multiple paths to bring traffic to your website or location, including content and social media calls to action. Then a monthly retainer will allow us to continue to create and test new content.

Can you guarantee new subscribers?

No, you are responsible to finding new email subscribers. If you bundle this service with paid ads or a website rebuild, we can help you increase your email list by helping you create a great lead magnet or offer to entice readers to subscribe.

What’s included in the monthly service?

Our monthly email service is designed to keep updating your emails and creating you more (you can decide how many based upon your goals). We will create upsell and downsell offers, as well as content promotion.

How long is the contract?

There are no contracts. You can cancel at any time!

How does email marketing work?

Based upon your goals, we will create a workflow that will show your subscribers your products or services based upon their own interests. Segmenting subscribers helps to show them the kinds of things they area actually interested in – so they are less likely to unsubscribe and more likely to purchase what you are selling.

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