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Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger Marketing is the next big thing in marketing! Sometimes your Facebook followers need a reminder that you are there, waiting for them to visit. We can notify all your clients directly through your Facebook page using cutting edge automated messaging strategy.
Facebook messenger marketing will increase the lifetime value of your clientele by encouraging more frequent visits.

What We Offer

Staff Coaching

Technology is only good if people know about it. We can coach your staff on how to increase your sign ups in a non-spammy way. This is the most important step! Without your team on board and setting proper expectations then the system doesn’t perform as well! We want to make marketing easy for you and your team!

Targeted Content

Not all your clients want or need the same products or services. We can separate your subscribers based upon the feedback we gather on Facebook. We then can custom tailor messages to curate the content based upon their needs and interests! Hyper target your clients for the best results!

Reputation management

A great reputation can be ruined in days by a single negative comment if it’s not handled appropriately. We monitor your brand online to ensure your reputation is not ruined by false negative reviews. And if those negative reviews are bothering you, we can help get them removed!


What good is a promotion if nobody knows you are holding it? We can send out automated messages to your Facebook followers, even custom tailoring it to their interests.

Social Channel Growth

People who follow you on one platform are more likely to follow you on other platforms. We can help you grow all your social media platforms by making it simple for followers to find you on every channel.

More Captivating Community

The secret to social media marketing is creating an engaged community. We can show you how to build your brand through messages that are geared toward your ideal customer.

What People Are Saying

“Jeff is ambitious, hard working, and completes tasks well before deadlines. I highly recommend his services.”

Christopher Merrett, Meritorious Consulting

“I have been working with Jeff for a number of years and am constantly referring him to my family, friend’s, work connections and I will continue to do so! ”

Franki Mannion, Franki Jean Investments

“Jeff does great work, he also seems to strive on what he does, and in helping people. Very respectful individual.”

Andrew Creech ,Brat Cat’s Stash


Commonly asked questions

How much does Facebook messenger marketing cost?

Facebook messenger marketing starts at $600 a month. This includes messages tailored to subscribers needs and interests. As the number of subscribers grows, your cost will increase.

How long does this take to get started?

It takes about a month to get started. Over the first two weeks we set up the system and the last two weeks we teach your staff how to promote your new service.

How often to you message people?

One of the reasons why we need a minimum of six months to get this working properly is because different audiences react to different approaches. Through testing, we will find the sweet spot for your specific business, whether that’s once a day or once a week.

How long is the commitment?

This type of marketing takes time to work and we expect great results within 6 to 12 months. Your initial contract is for 6 months, after which your account becomes month-to-month.

Will this work for people who don’t have Facebook?

No. They must have Facebook.

How does it work?

First, we install an automation service onto your Facebook page followed by placement of code where your staff can get customers to scan it with Facebook.

When will I see results?

If you have an enthusiastic team who promotes your new messaging program, you will see results quickly.

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