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Proximity Marketing

How does promoting your products or services to every Bluetooth enabled android device within 100-300 yards of your location sound? Send out a special offer and watch the people flood into your business.

What We Offer

Local Advertising

You need the right kind of hardware for to send messages. We’ve got it and can set it up for you!

Multi Locations

DO you have more than one location? We can set up as many as you need.

Email Subscribers

Building your email list means lower advertising costs. But you must actively work to build that list. We can help you create offers to convince people to give up their email address.


Trmbl Media creates practical, sleekly-designed, and responsive websites that allow you to easily share your promotions.

What People Are Saying

“Jeff is ambitious, hard working, and completes tasks well before deadlines. I highly recommend his services.”

Christopher Merrett, Meritorious Consulting

“I have been working with Jeff for a number of years and am constantly referring him to my family, friend’s, work connections and I will continue to do so! ”

Franki Mannion, Franki Jean Investments

“Jeff does great work, he also seems to strive on what he does, and in helping people. Very respectful individual.”

Andrew Creech ,Brat Cat’s Stash


Commonly asked questions

What is the investment?

The base price is $100 Per month, and that includes three devices. Additional devices are $75 per month for three more devices. The more devices you need, the cheaper they are.

Do I own the device?

No, the device will remain property of Trmbl Media. We will service or replace any devices that aren’t working properly and we will also change out the batteries free of charge.

How exactly do these devices work?

This is a long complex answer. Schedule a free consultation with us to learn more!

Are there any other charges?

We charge an administration fee for each URL change.

What if the device gets damaged/lost/stolen?

We will replace all damaged devices free of charge. Any lost or stolen will result in a small replacement fee.

Are these secure?

The proximity marketing devices we procured are secure.

Ready to begin?

Book a consultation, or email us!