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Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are inexpensive ways to attract new readers, so if your website isn’t configured for SEO, you may be missing out on massive traffic.
Search engine optimization is more than adding a few keywords to your blog posts, there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes. We can take your current website and get it moving up the google ranks! No website no problem, our websites are set up for your SEO success. SEO strategy means including every weapon in your arsenal to land on the first few pages of Google.

What We Offer

Home of SEO done right!

Keyword research

The most important aspect of SEO is keyword research. We use longtail keywords to get you on the first couple of pages of Google – that’s where most of the magic happens! Think about it, when you are looking for a new pair of running shoes do you search for “shoes”… Most SEO agencies only optimize for the easy words… We don’t!

Local SEO

Local SEO means using citations like google maps and yelp to target customers in your location! There are many avenues now that google has for search, It is our goal to have your website listed where your clients can easily find you!

Content creation

Search engine optimized content is more than writing a blog post. Blog posts must be both well-written and contain the appropriate number of keywords to rank well with search engines. Master the art of SEO content creation and you will enjoy higher brand awareness and more sales.

Link acquisition

Backlinks are the BACKBONE of Google Rankings… The trick though is getting you QUALITY backlinks! Google has recently updated their systems to check for quality of links… Yes this means that bad links will hurt your business. Only partner with the best, only partner with Trmbl Media for your SEO needs

Citation Creation

Business directories are a great way to not only get backlinks, but to share your business with those who might need your products or services. We can locate all applicable business directories and create listings so your customers can find you easily and efficiently. We will also ensure your past listings are up to date.

Reputation management

A great reputation can be ruined in days by a single negative comment if it’s not handled appropriately. We monitor your brand online to ensure your reputation is not ruined by false negative reviews. And if those negative reviews are bothering you, we can occasionally help getting them removed!

What People Are Saying

“Jeff is ambitious, hard working, and completes tasks well before deadlines. I highly recommend his services.”

Christopher Merrett, Meritorious Consulting

“I have been working with Jeff for a number of years and am constantly referring him to my family, friend’s, work connections and I will continue to do so! ”

Franki Mannion, Franki Jean Investments

“Jeff does great work, he also seems to strive on what he does, and in helping people. Very respectful individual.”

Andrew Creech ,Brat Cat’s Stash


Commonly asked Questions

What is the investment?

Pricing is dependant upon how aggressive your marketing needs are. SEO services range from $1,000 to $4,000/month. Alternatively, if you are seeking strategy and you can implement the strategy yourself, our consulting services are $150/hour.

How long is the commitment?

As stated above, SEO takes some time. Our minimum contract is six months, after which you will go to a month-to-month contract. Consulting is done by the hour.

How soon will I see results?

Search engine optimization is not a quick fix for your website. It takes time. A typical website might see no results in the first two months as we are laying the foundation. In the third and fourth month you will start to see results and by months five and six, you will definitely see results.

Do you guarantee results?

We can’t guarantee results, but what we can guarantee is that we will do our best to get you on the first couple of pages of Google. We can also react quickly to algorithm changes that Google likes to implement so you experience less of a drop in traffic. Our track record speaks for itself.

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